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Label Printer Applicator (LPA7000)

Label Printer Applicator LPA7000: Print Apply Wide

Only electrical power is required (no compressed air; especially important in clean room environments)
Bottom Feeding increases throughput by using Top Loading of Packages or Media to allow continuous operation.

All systems are custom configured at the factory in accordance with Package/Media Type and Sizes. Many bench-top thermal transfer printers may be integrated with the system (the inset photo is only an example using an Avery 64xx based printer).

Following are the general specifications for the LPA Series of Package Label Printer Applicator Systems. Specific specifications are dependent on system configuration.

Applicator Sizes
Throughput Up to 3,000 per hour
Label Width Up to 6.0 Inches overall
Label Length Up to 10 inches
Product Widths Up to 18.5 inches
Product Length Up to 32 inches
Supply Roll 8 inch Diameter
Optional Supply Fan-Fold

Here is a sample video of the LPA 7000.

How Label Printer Applicators Work

Label applicators are automated machines that print and apply customizable pressure-sensitive labels to various products or packages. These can range from wristbands, shipping labels, medical labels. Our label printers are 100% UDI ready.

Labels include a label substrate and an adhesive. Doranix’s printers offer an ideal label print and application solution for individual packages, pallets or cases. You also get full customizability in all the products to meet your particular production process.

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Doranix is a designer and manufacturer of innovative industrial printers and label printer-applicators for product identification and bar-coding serving the medical, food and other packaging industries.

We specialize in providing integrated solutions for small to medium size facilities or work cells in larger facilities.