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Tyvek Colored Rolls and Plotter Paper

As so many innovative products are, Tyvek was created by accident when a DuPont employee observed an unintended byproduct of a manufacturing process. That was 1955. It took 12 years to figure out how to initially commercialize the resulting product which we now know as Tyvek. Even […]

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Printing Maps with Tyvek – What You Need to Know

There’s a good chance you’re surrounded by Tyvek and don’t even know it. This plastic material was originally discovered by a DuPont researcher in 1955 when he noticed a polyethylene fluff coming out of a pipe as a byproduct of another process. It would be 12 more […]

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Tyvek and Fabric Printing

Though it seems perfectly suited for the advanced technological world of Star Trek, Tyvek is actually an earthbound product that has been around for 60 years. You may not know it by name but have almost certainly intersected with it many times through your life. Discovered by […]

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Doranix is a designer and manufacturer of innovative industrial printers and label printer-applicators for product identification and bar-coding serving the medical, food and other packaging industries.

We specialize in providing integrated solutions for small to medium size facilities or work cells in larger facilities.