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Vape Cartridge Label Printing - Everything You Need to Know

Written on October 09, 2019 by Jessica | Updated on April 24, 2024

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In an era of cleaner smoking options, vape cartridges have become very popular. Like their flavored nicotine-based counterparts, oils containing THC concentrates allow your customers more freedom and a smooth vaping experience. This also means you need packaging that works for a mass market and allows you the flexibility to brand your product your way without sacrificing quality.

Labels for your vape cartridges can be easily handled using our ThermaPrint64 label printer. Our equipment is able to print labels on odd-shaped packaging materials of various thicknesses, including 10-inch wide blister packs up to a ~0.040-inch thickness, the highest of any standard card.

Blister cards have long been a staple of the packaging industry, used to package everything from electronics to medicine. Now that they're being used to market vape cartridges, they've found a whole new - and growing - market. Blister card printing, similarly, has long been a requirement of many commercial printers. Foil packs are also a popular choice that works well with our label printer.

It can be difficult to make and design your own vape cartridge labels. Most manufacturers and distributors need them in bulk and oriented in a variety of designs and sizes for various products. There are also compliance issues with labeling, storing, distributing, and selling THC-based products that vary from state to state, and sometimes even different localities within a state. For example, you may need to include serial or batch numbers, ingredients, and barcodes, which can also vary for different product flavors and strengths.

Then, there's the branding factor.

In a growing market like vape pens and cartridges, you want to stand out by creating a unique logo and package design. You need inks that won't fade, smear, or bleed if they're handled or become exposed to oils, and you want vibrant colors with fonts that are easy to read without limiting creativity.

Fortunately, the ThermaPrint64 and its accessories are up to the task. They're high-tech and specifically designed to meet the requirements of both your customers and government regulations

How Vape Cartridge Label Printers Work

Industrial vape cartridge label printers usually use thermal printing techniques, which offer high quality and print speed. Our modern vape cartridge label printers are able to achieve resolutions of 300 DPI and above. This ensures that your designs are faithfully reproduced and meet all other specifications.

The integrated computer on the ThermaPrint64 is where you set the controls for each label printed. Just program your specifications, and it will add the main logo or label design and unique content to each vape cartridge label, such as product serial numbers, barcodes, and variations such as flavors or product weights. You can even have the design printed right to the edge of the vape cartridge label.

After printing, the machine will cut the vape cartridge labels into a unique shapes, if this is required as part of the design. Then, every label will land in the output tray, ready for packaging. If you have a large order, some systems are equipped with an automated sorting mechanism. This precisely stacks the printed vape cartridge labels by size, design, or other preference.

What to Look for in Vape Cartridge Label Printers

When looking for a vape cartridge label printer, consider your specifications and the average number of print jobs you perform per batch or week. In general, the key features to look for in a cartridge label printer include:

  • Print quality: Your first consideration should be print quality. Vape cartridge labels often contain very small print that needs to be legible, precise, and smudge-proof. You want professional results. Our label printers are able to produce results at up to 300 DPI, which is more than adequate to get the job done.
  • Speed: Vape cartridge label print orders need to be produced at very high volume, and so a printing speed of at least 5 inches per second is a must. In addition, many modern printers have a slew capability that allows them to skip over non-printed sections of the card, greatly improving overall print speed.
  • Capacity: Large orders can be produced quicker without diminishing the results when an automated sorting module is used. Often, an order for vape cartridge labels will contain several varying types or sizes of package. Automated sorting means each batch will be sorted and stacked into the correct pile.
  • Durability: Of course, a booming business needs tough, durable equipment to keep up with demand. Industrial printers need reliable performance and the ability to handle heat, dust, and other environmental elements.

The ThermaPrint64 checks all of these boxes.

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