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Thermaprint 64 Wide

Direct-to-Package Printing System

Pre-Formed Pouches, Lids, Tags, Cards, Cartons, Sleeves Roll-to-Sheet (Lid)

DoraniX introduces the ThermaPrint 64 Series of Direct-to-Package Printing System with a heavy-duty industrial design built to last for years on end through thousands or even hundreds of thousands of prints. This series of label printing systems features multiple connection options including USB and Ethernet, allowing interface flexibility and ease of networking.

For optimum print quality, the TP64 sports a 305 DPI, high speed printhead and a ribbon saving mechanism which reduces ribbon consumption up to 90%. A custom catch tray is adequate for most applications; a powered stacker provides additional capacity for larger production runs and for precise stacking of packaging such as small lids or cards.

In addition to pre-formed packages, the ThermaPrint 64 Wide Industrial Label Printer may be configured as a Roll-to-Sheet (Lid) Printing System by integration of an industrial cutter and roll feed module.

The 64 bit processor and increased memory provide improved custom printing capabilities and compatibility with most types of software. Higher print and slew speeds increase throughput which is further enhanced by top loading of product to allow continuous operation.

All label printing systems are custom configured to the client’s product. Following are the general specifications for the ThermaPrint 64 Series of Package Printing Systems. Some specifications are dependent on system configuration.

Therma Print Wide

Specifications of the Thermaprint 64 Wide

Print Technology Thermal Transfer Near EdgeNear-Edge 305 DPI, High Speed Printhead
Print Resolution 305 DPIHigh Quality Prints
Print Speed 2 – 10 IPS (Programmable) Slew Speed 15 IPSPowered by 4 – 6 motors dependent on configuration
Package Width 2.00 – 6.5 inches. Print Zone -4.2 or 5.0 Powered Stacker provides additional capacity for larger production runs
Ribbon Thermal Transfer Length 600 mEach ribbon contains 600 meters of print lenght
Ribbon SaverReduces ribbon consumption up to 90%
Programmable Fonts 17 Standard FontsMultifunctional
Bar Codes All Common Codes + 2DUDI Ready
Memory 16 MByteReady for Customized Orders.
Interface Parallel (Centronics), Serial (RS-232), Ethernet, USBEasy to Connect
Physical Dimensions (Configuration Dependent) 26″ W x 14″ H x 14″ D (Typ) Weight* 55 – 86 poundsContact Us for More Details
Therma Print Wide
Therma Print Wide Front View

Therma Print Wide Front View

Therma Print Wide Side View

Therma Print Wide Side View

Therma Print Wide Back View

Therma Print Wide Back View



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