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UDI Printers in Australia

Australian companies engaged in medical-related business in the US or Europe in the past few years have probably noticed a change in regulations regarding packaging. Beginning in 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided to take steps to lessen the incidence of mis-identification related to medical products, devices, and drugs by requiring the inclusion of a UDI (Unique Device Identifier) on most labels.

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Parsing a UDI

The new labels promulgated by the FDA can be broken down into two parts. The first is known as the device identifier, which is a description written in plain English that succinctly describes the contents. The second part of the UDI label is called the production identifier and consists of a barcode that provides such information as the expiration and/or manufacturing date, serial and/or batch numbers, and any of the special codes required for packages containing human tissue.

In addition to the new labeling standards, the FDA is making it easier for Australian companies to find out more about a product or device via a growing national database (soon to be international). While the US has taken the lead in trying to develop a better medical product identifying system, it has done so in consultation with the global community and receiving assurances that Europe and other regions will soon require compliance as well.

A Tough Job for Printers

Those in the business of applying ink to medical packaging implicitly understand the logistical nightmare it become. This is no job for a home printer that struggles to crank out nice, neat 8.5 x 11 inch copy paper in good order. Think about medical packages for a moment. Bulky. Odd shapes, sizes, and materials. Definitely not the kind of thing you can just insert into the business end of a $30 machine from Staples Australia.

And we haven’t even mentioned the issue of coatings, adhesives, and non-standard material thicknesses you’re likely to run into in the medical industry. What we’re saying is that, in order to meet the new regulations, you’re going to need to put thought into how you will print this more complex label on difficult material. That’s where the industry-leading team at Doranix can help. Our industrial printers turn the process of creating perfect UDI labels from a headache to a breeze.

ThermaPrint – The Tool for the Job

The name you need to keep in mind is the ThermaPrint 64. This is the latest iteration of our popular line of heavy-duty printers.

While the original ThermaPrint models have been quite popular with companies in need of a solution to industrial size printing jobs, there’s always room for improvement. With the ThermaPrint 64, we’ve kept all the good features and even added a few more. In particular, plugging one of these printers into an existing network is easier than ever, thanks to the addition of both an ethernet and USB jack.

With the newest model, you know you’re going to get a whole lot of printer in a small package. This is no behemoth that’s going to take up half a warehouse in Sydney. Depending upon your specific configuration needs, it will weigh anywhere from about 25 to 39 kilograms and create a footprint measuring only 26” x 14” x 14” on a table or counter.

Innovating an Industry

Doranix is a designer and manufacturer of innovative industrial printers and label printer-applicators for product identification and bar-coding serving the medical, food, apparel, and other packaging industries.

Doranix has been in the product ID business for over eight years.  The principals of the company have been in the same industry since the early 1970’s designing a wide range of machines to suit customer’s needs.  More recently, Doranix has recognized the need to replace the discontinued Avery Dennison TDI / Novexx Exxtreme singles printers.  We have spent considerable effort designing the ThermaPrint 64, and since its inception it has proven a reliable, compatible replacement for the discontinued Avery TDI.  The ThermaPrint 64 has been used considerably in the medical, apparel, and blister packaging industries.

We specialize in providing integrated solutions for small to medium size facilities or work cells in larger facilities.

A Global Partnership

This UDI thing isn’t going to stop at the United States border, and Doranix is ready to provide our products and training almost anywhere. Australian-based companies shouldn’t hesitate to give us a call and let us explain what we can do to get you into line with the FDA’s label requirements. The ThermaPrint 64 is an excellent choice for not only medical packaging but food service and general industrial use as