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UDI Printers in Canada

As malpractice lawsuits continue to drain millions from hospital budgets every year, the US – based Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ramped up efforts to reduce the number of incidents related to misidentification of medical packages and labels. For Canadian companies who expect to continue to do business in the medical industry in the United States, it would be a good idea to get up to speed on the new UDI (Unique Device Identifier) requirements.

To learn more about our UDI ready printers that are available to be shipped to Canada please refer to our product page.

Breaking Down the UDI

Exactly what is a UDI? In short, it is description of a medical device or product that must be able to be read by barcode scanners and humans as well. This “redundant” check is intended to eliminate as much as possible the chance of misreading a product and accidentally using it for the wrong purpose. The two parts of a UDI label are the 1) device identifier and 2) production identifier.

device identifier is the part written in simple English, easily readable in either the US or Canada. It describes the package’s contents and the specific version or expiration date of the contents.

The production identifier might be partially readable to the human eye but also includes barcode-friendly marks that reveal such critical information as the batch or serial number, expiration date (again), manufacturing date, and any specific codes required in the event the package contains human tissue of some sort.

UDI Printers Changed the Game

No printer from your favorite big box store possesses the specialized programming or hardware technology to come anywhere near being able to meet the new FDA standards which, by the way, will be taking effect in Europe in the near future. When you think of the demands of these kind of printing jobs, odd sizes and shapes, various materials like cardboard and plastic, it becomes clear why a standard home printer won’t do the trick.

And even beyond that, some of the coatings, adhesives, and material thicknesses would jam up a standard printer so badly it would never straighten itself out. Industry leader Doranix and it’s sterling design team have powered a growing boutique industry based around the idea of creating heavy-duty printers able to meet what is sure to be the growing demand for medical packaging once the FDA UDI regulations have been fully implemented.

Building a Better UDI Printer

For the day in and day out kind of heavy-duty, high-count label runs we’ve been discussing, Doranix has created the ThermaPrint 64 series, which an improvement on the original ThermaPrint models.

While many of the pioneering features have been retained, connectivity has been vastly improved with the inclusion of USB and ethernet ports, allowing users to easily incorporate one of these printers into their network. Other features worth mentioning.

To learn more about our UDI ready printers that are available to be shipped to Canada please refer to our product page.

Big Package / Small Size: The newest ThermaPrint model tops out at about 80 pounds, depending upon the exact configuration options but carries a modest work table footprint of only 26” x 14” x 14”.

4 to 6 Heavy-Duty Motors: Choose the appropriate power for your typical jobs. Add-ons include an oversized collection bin for large runs and industrial cutter for working with flat materials.

Fast Printhead: A carryover from the original ThermaPrint models, don’t be surprised if you save up to 90 percent in ribbon life as compared to other printers.

About Doranix

You can find our company in Golden, Colorado, which is a long ways from Canada, but we’re ready and extremely able to serve clients all over the world. If you are interested in one of our products, don’t hesitate to call, and we’ll make it happen, regardless of where in the world you are.

Founding members of the company can trace their expertise in printer research and development all the way back more than four decades. For eight years we’ve made the Rocky Mountain region our home and our mission is to adapt to the quickly changing needs of the medical packaging industry with innovative products. We specialize in medium and small companies but certainly have the capability to ramp up production and build out individual work cells for bigger Canadian operations. While most industrial printers continue to focus on paper labels, which are susceptible to peeling and smearing, Doranix has refined the process of printing directly to the package.

Final Thoughts

With the FDA and European Union taking the concept of medical packaging labeling to a new level of clarity and quality, there is little room for Canada-based companies left to muddle about with ancient technology like paper printing. Peoples’ lives depend on it. If your business needs the kind of industry-leading technology the ThermaPrint 64 offers, we’d love to talk to you about it.