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UDI Printers in the UK

While we would be the last to suggest that all government regulation is needed, sometimes it’s a good thing. One example that United Kingdom companies should pay attention to, especially if they deal with medical devices or products, is the recent push by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) in response to the growing issue of errors related to mislabeling on medical packaging. Obviously, administering the wrong drug or using an outdated device in patient treatment can be a deadly and expensive mistake. With a new set of standards related specifically to medical packaging, expect the idea of a UDI (Unique Device Identifier) to become a common term in the industry. Confused about the UDI? Don’t be. Just keep reading.

To learn more about our UDI ready printers that are available to be shipped to UK please refer to our product page. 

UDI Requirements in the UK

The thinking behind creating a two-part identifying system for medical packaging is intended to create a double-check process that eliminates errors. The first part of the label (the device identifier) must be printed in plain English that can be easily read. The second part of the label (the product identifier) is a scannable barcode that carries specific, detailed information about the contents of the package. Though these stricter label standards originated in the US, they have been approved and embraced in full for use in Europe and the United Kingdom.

While varying types of information are included in the barcode, depending upon whether it is a medical device, drug, or other kind of product, the following are some of the data you might expect to find on a new UDI-compliant label: manufacturing and/or expiration date, serial and/or batch number, and the particular code required for any package containing human tissue.

As you might expect, creating a UDI label requires special equipment. A random printer from the shelf of your favorite office supply store will not likely pass muster.

Enter the Industrial Printer

Let’s think about medical packaging for a moment. It’s liable to be made of thicker-than-normal foil, cardboard, plastic, or any of a dozen different varieties of Tyvek. Furthermore, it probably won’t be a standard 8.5 x 11 inch size, and will likely include any manner of coatings and adhesives that would turn your average consumer printer into a quivering mess. The bottom line is that you need a special printer for this type of job.

Introducing the ThermaPrint 64

For UK companies that absolutely need a machine that keeps up with their package printing demands, we’d like to introduce you to the ThermaPrint 64.

This is the latest version of the ThermaPrint line is the most robust industrial printing solution we’ve ever offered. Take a look below at some of the most important features, but first we’d like to tell you about the serious connectivity upgrade in the new model that offers users both USB and ethernet jacks, to better assimilate the printer into your network without a glitch.

Limitless Power: With the option to configure your machine with 4-6 motors, it’ll be enough for your most challenging print runs.

An Impressive Brain: A 16 MB memory and 64 bit processing assures the ThermaPrint can hold big jobs without having to sit and think about it.

Long-Lasting Printhead: Our ribbon preservation design can extend the useful life by up to 90 percent.

Additional Features of Our Printers

Our package printers can be customized with an oversized collection tray and stacker for those monster production runs. It keeps you from having to run back to the printer and reload printing material quite as often. Additionally, expect a ThermaPrint printer to occupy a surprisingly modest amount of table space, measuring 26” x 14” x 14”. That’s small, folks. But quite powerful. Give us a call. We’re always happy to discuss how our products can make your job easier.

About Doranix

Doranix is a designer and manufacturer of innovative industrial printers and label printer-applicators for product identification and bar-coding serving the medical, food, apparel, and other packaging industries.

Doranix has been in the product ID business for over eight years.  The principals of the company have been in the same industry since the early 1970’s designing a wide range of machines to suit customer’s needs.  More recently, Doranix has recognized the need to replace the discontinued Avery Dennison TDI / Novexx Exxtreme singles printers.  We have spent considerable effort designing the ThermaPrint 64, and since its inception it has proven a reliable, compatible replacement for the discontinued Avery TDI.  The ThermaPrint 64 has been used considerably in the medical, apparel, and blister packaging industries.

We specialize in providing integrated solutions for small to medium size facilities or work cells in larger facilities.