Cannabis Label Printer

Cannabis is a booming industry, and that’s why you need durable equipment to keep up with the competition. The DoraniX ThermaPrint 64 Printer may be just the solution you’re looking for when it comes to branding and packaging in a tightly regulated industry with lots of moving parts.

The DoraniX product line is capable of providing the flexibility and level of details needed to keep up with labelling requirements that can change overnight without sacrificing the quality of the end product.


With this printer, all of your labels can be custom printed quickly with precision and clarity. In addition to USB and Ethernet connectivity, some of the more useful features include:

Now that you’ve found the right printer …


Branding is how you make your products memorable, whether you provide oils, edibles, or any other cannabis-related goods. But, you can’t just slap any old label on a container and expect it to work. Your customers and the law have expectations that you need to consider.

The first is making sure that your labeling meets all of the legal requirements for your state and any locations you ship to or stock products. Next, you want to carefully consider presentation. That includes label design, sharpness, quality, and functionality.

Because legalization is new and somewhat controversial, the cannabis industry is heavily regulated. That means all your packaging must comply with regulations in your state concerning safety as well as required warnings and product information. Compliance is critical, if you want to maintain your license to sell your products legally.

But, they also need to be unique and attractive enough to stand out and draw customers.

One big challenge for cannabis label designers is that your location is going to dictate a lot of your design elements and labeling requirements. Each state has different specifications regarding packaging and mandatory information, in addition to rules limiting imagery and brand names. But, there are some components that are universal across the board. It’s good to know what to expect up front when you’re planning your labels and package design features.

Contents or Ingredients

The contents of your container need to be appropriately marked on the outside so that your customers know exactly what each package contains. Your focus for designing labels should be on identifying the actual product, the quantity, and legal responsibility.

Identity refers to the most common name for your product, usually that strain of cannabis in each sample. Most people are looking for specific strains, but cannabis products shouldn’t be labeled in a way that could appeal to children. That may mean finding a creative way to rename your Girl Scout Cookie strain that’s still informative and conforms to the law. Check guidelines for this with your local or state governing board.

In the context of legal cannabis sales, responsibility is a legal requirement that includes your full business name and address. This lets consumers and law enforcement know who is distributing products locally.

When it comes to quantity, there are several key legal requirements for cannabis sales in order to meet compliance. The label should include specific, easy-to-read details about your product and any ingredients in the case of edibles, tinctures, or topicals.

These include:

All elements should be clearly legible and visible on your labels. As far as warnings go, specifics about wording and placement depend on the state your company is located in and what areas you’ll distribute to or sell.

General guidelines for warning labels include:

Your labels should also clearly state that cannabis products are a Schedule I controlled substance that is intended for medical use only, and that they are not intended for children. They also have to be packaged in opaque containers and labels so that none of the contents are visible. That means those cool, transparent labels are off limits in most jurisdictions.

Child-Proofing Features and Language

Legalization led to concerns in many states about children getting their hands on cannabis products. That’s why there are guidelines about using colorful labels or language that might attract them or making the products easy for kids to open.

The exact requirements for child-proof packaging vary from state to state. For instance, Alaska requires packaging that’s easy for an adult to open, but not for the average 5-year old. Other states focus more on labelling requirements that highlight the fact that the product should be kept out of reach of children. For more information, check the specific laws in your state.

That brings us to …

Ensuring Compliance With State and Local Laws

The tricky thing about compliance with state laws is that they can change. If your want your business to remain complaint – and open – keep up with all updates and changes wherever your grow, manufacture, or distribute.

Although this is a fairly new industry, and we’re all still feeling our way around, it’s a close community with lots of helpful resources. for example, the cannabis resource site, Leafly, keeps a regularly updated list of cannabis packaging and labeling laws by state so that you can find out what you need to know based on where you operate.

Variety of different Cannabis packaging over a herbal background

Presentation and Messaging

Once you’ve done everything you can to make sure that your cannabis labels are compliant, you still need to take some time to make sure that they look good. Here are some guidelines to follow in that area:

-Use clear, concise messaging. If you’re not careful, complying with labelling laws can make your packaging look cluttered and hard to read. All of the required information and warnings must be present and clearly legible to gain approval. An experienced label designer can work with you to create an aesthetically-pleasing layout that keeps your product compliant. Using an industrial digital printer will make sure that your messaging and branding looks as good on the final product as it does on the original design. -Add a little flair. Your labels don’t have to be boring to be compliant. Business is all about branding. Compliance restrictions and concerns may test your creativity, but you’re really only limited by your imagination when it comes to telling your brand story. A good designer and digital printing company can help you create cannabis labels that stand out from the competition while keeping you legal.

Bold colors or cool designs will allow your packaging to pop without taking away from all the required information. You also can gain some style points through decorative printing processes. For example, Hot foil stamping gives your labels a look of sophistication through eye-catching metal foil. Label embossing will literally make your labels stand out by pressing special designs onto the surface that make your labels feel different as well as look great. If all you need is some extra space for information, hang tags provide an appealing way to add real estate for product promotion.

Remember to Remain Flexible

Because product lines and legal requirements are always changing and updating, maintaining flexibility is essential. A single change in the law can make all your extra labels obsolete overnight. You’ll want to create a design that can be easily adjusted when necessary. Since you have to deal with these changes and constantly update batch numbers and other details, you’ll want to work with a printing company that can meet the challenge if you’re ever short of labels or need a quick project turnaround.

A solid digital printing partner is the answer to this dilemma. At Blue Label, we can quickly customize individual labels within grouping and product lines. If you need a change, we can deliver your labels within 3-5 business days after approval of your design. That allows you to save money by using short run labels and retain the kind of flexibility necessary in your industry.


Professional-looking cannabis labels require quality design and printing companies. If you’re looking for someone to help you with your labels, check out our online directory of approved designers.

When it comes to finding a good digital label printer, Blue Label Digital can help you balance quality and budget so that your products get the labels they need to succeed in the market. If you need custom cannabis labels for your edibles, flower, and topicals, contact us today.